Thursday, December 20

Tsukino <3 <3 <3

Yes, that's her above and on the blog header; she happens to be my current new unofficial blog mascot, in a bid to glorify this site a bit more. Once I've figured out how to use a picture rotator you'll be able to see four different variants of her. ^_^

For those who are wondering, she's from a highly successful shounen manga created by Hhashiguchi Takashi, called Yakitate! Ja-pan. I first heard of it during Animax's Yakitate! Ja-pan anime promotions (the one where they joined hands with Breadtalk and created all sorts of ridiculous IRL Ja-pans which, try as they might, could not elicit a single worthy reaction from me), and got hooked when I checked out the manga at

So yeah, that's about it for now. If anybody can tell me how to incorporate musical instruments with VOCALOID2 it'd be appreciated. Forever Love for Miku's done (thanks a lot to VOCALOID2's ability to import Guitar Pro files), and all I gotta figure out now is how I can put her together with the rest of X-Japan (excluding Toshi) to create one awesome collaboration.

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