Friday, January 27

Yet another schoolwork entry. Yeah baby, let's get this thing started.
Graciousness. Comes from the word 'Grace'. And grace happens to be someone who sits beside me in class. She's a really nice person. That lives up to her name.
of course, "nice" is too overrated a word to use t describe her, or the word "Gracious", cos graciousness goes way deeper than that.
Anyway, that particular word has letters that can be used to form words like "car", "sour", "rag", "rug", "sugar" and "sari". Damn, I'm getting way too good at this letter scrambling thing. I'm an English prodigy at heart.
According to a dictionary, "Gracious", as an adjective, means:

Characterized by kindness and warm courtesy.
Characterized by tact and propriety: responded to the insult with gracious humor.
Of a merciful or compassionate nature.
Condescendingly courteous; indulgent.
Characterized by charm or beauty; graceful.
Characterized by elegance and good taste: gracious living.
Archaic. Enjoying favor or grace; acceptable or pleasing.

Yeah, you'd probably need another dictionary if you wanna understand these words too.
As an interjection, however, it is used to express surprise or mild emotion. Now, I didn't know this before, only because I've never used that word as an interjection. Usually I'd say "Oh my Gah!" or "What tha...?", but that's not the point.
"Gracious" is a Middle English word, from Old French gracieus, from Latin grātiōsus, from grātia, good will. I think it might also have something to do with the Mexican(?) word for thanks, gracias.
Graciousness is second nature for a host, be it a house party, school function or whatever. They have to be warm and inviting, and thus make their guests feel more comfortable and hospitable in their homes. I know this, cos I've quite come to terms with my The Sims: House Party computer game.
Graciousness can be used to avert undesirable situations too. Whe dealing with an insult, or as a third person in an argument, gracious humour is usually (I said 'usually', cos I'm not too sure if this is actually true!) the best method of escape. I haven't tried it yet, though I know I will have to sooner or later, if I wanna remove the trolls from my tag-board. Somebody remind me.
Being gracious means being forgiving and spirit-generous. A gracious person would know how to deal with frustrating situations of dealing with guilty culprits of cerytain bad deeds, without hitting the roof. I am an example of such, though not always a very good one (heh. it always pays to blow your own horn a bit, too).
Examples of gracious people?
Um... There's Oprah Winfrey. She's a very graceful person for her personality, her abilty as a friendly and wisecracking talk show host, and someone with a mind for good style.
Goodness Gracious Me! is an Indian/Brit-based sketch show on Star World. Is usually features skits ofthe conflict and integration between traditional Indian culture and modern British life. Some of them reverse the roles to view the British from an Indian perspective while others poke fun at Indian stereotypes. It features funny actors and actresses like Sanjeev Bhaskar (also from 'The Kumars at No. 42), Kulvinder Ghir, Meera Syal and Nina Wadia.
Aha! You wanna know translations for the word too! I can give you that!

Nederlands (Dutch)verfijnd, goedgunstig, genadig, Goeie genade!
Français (French) affable, gracieux, miséricordieux
Deutsch (German) adj. - liebenswürdig, gnädigint. - du meine liebe Güte!
Ελληνική (Greek) adj. καλοκάγαθος, ευγενικός, ευχάριστος, αρχοντικός
Italiano (Italian) grazioso
Português (Portuguese) adj. - gracioso, benévolo, condescendente, clemente
Русский (Russian) милостивый, любезный, изобильный
Español (Spanish) adj. - gracioso, cortés, amable, afable, agradable, clementeint. - Dios mío!
Svenska (Swedish) adj. - älskvärd, barmhärtig (om Gud)
中国话 (Simplified Chinese) adj. - 亲切的, 高尚的int. - 哎呀, 天哪
中國話 (Traditional Chinese) adj. - 親切的, 高尚的int. - 哎呀, 天哪
日本語 (Japanese) adj. - 思いやりのある, 愛想のよい, 恵み深い, 優雅な
العربيه (Arabic) ‏(صفه) لطيف, كريم, مهذب, لبق‏
עברית (Hebrew)‬ adj. - ‮אדיב, רחום, נעים, גומל טוב, חינני‬int. - ‮הבעת הפתעה‬
Pretty good eh?

Yet another schoolwork entry. Yeah baby, let's get this thing started.
Graciousness. Comes from the word 'Grace'. And grace happens to be someone who sits beside me in class. She's a really nice person. That lives up to her name.
of course, "nice" is too overrated, graciousness goes way deeper than that.
According to a dictionary, "Gracious", as an adjective, means:

Characterized by kindness and warm courtesy.
Characterized by tact and propriety: responded to the insult with gracious humor.
Of a merciful or compassionate nature.
Condescendingly courteous; indulgent.
Characterized by charm or beauty; graceful.
Characterized by elegance and good taste: gracious living.
Archaic. Enjoying favor or grace; acceptable or pleasing.

Yeah, you'd probably need another dictionary if you wanna understand these words too.
As an interjection, however, it is

Wednesday, January 25

Some people just don't know how to listen to instructions.
Xavier, you seem to be very troubled yourself. People won't insult and mock others unless they seriously have to.
If you live to put other people down, you don't deserve to live. I hope you get struck by an 18-wheeler, or lightning, or anything else heavy and painful, and that you'd die.
If you simply have a complex, I suggest you see a shrink or something. You need more help than me. I'm really sorry for your loss.
This is not a good place for you, man. I feel so cursed to have you here. Cursed, I tell you. I'm prolly gonna relocate my blog real soon.

Wednesday's happenings...
Workout day for the Upper Sec again. We didn't need to stnd up at all; we were doing arm exercises, mostly around the shoulders and deltoids.
It was good fun. Most others around me didn't do it, though. I can understand; it was rather strenous on the muscles. I'm just glad I managed to keep my arms up the whole time, no matter how tired they were.
After that was Chemistry for two full hours.
And Mrs. Low didn't come.
Wewt. I spent the free time completing the rest of my E. Maths homework, which was rather fun, and then I chatted with my friends.
Physics: I still don't have my books yet. I'm going to get them soon, I'm seriously lagging behind. Wonder how much I'm gonna have to copy off someone else's book. Anyway, today's lesson was all about radiation. Ms. Neo had brought a cute lil' ball in, to demonstrate the different movements of conduction, convection and radiation. Farah had fun holding it. She and N.DIY were laughing all the way.
After recess, we had A. Maths for one period. Mrs. Tan went through the A. Maths homework with us. I did fine, all correct. Wewt again.
Next was English, for one period. Mr. Jae decided to launch something about each of us taking turns, coming up to the front to present a motivational and encouraging talk. Sounds like fun. I can't wait.
We were supposed to draw lots to decide our turn sequence. I was No. 21 out of 38. Not the best I expected, but good enough.
For LS, Mrs. K assigned us to our 'Guardian Angel' at last. Whoever's gonna take care of me, Godspeed to you.
Ater that was Pastoral Care period. Our class went up to an air-conditioned room to listen to a talk by the YMCA regarding the oncoming entrepreneurship project. Sounds very promising, the winners get about few thouseand dollars prize money, as well as bragging rights. Cool.
That's it for today, till later.

Tuesday, January 24

First of all, I would like to say this to Xavier.
I don't know you from now, so fuck off, cunt.
My blog is not a place where people get insulted.
Get off my yard.

I'm really sorry I'm late for my updates, I've been extraordinarily busy these few days. I hope you don't mind.
Yesterday, I had a dental appointment at 12, and that meant I could leave school early. I sat through the first six periods before recess. It was pretty much a normal schooling day.
I sorta gotta be thankful that the first two periods of the week is Physics, by Ms. Neo. The blues had got me there, so I nearly slept it all off during that period without any disturbances. By the next period I was feeling more recharged. Wewt.
A. Maths: We went through Friday's test paper. I got full marks. Wewt again.
English: Mr. Jae lectured us about class welfare. In a nutshell, he told us that it was not good to put other people, including yourself, down with bad words and the like. He wanted us to achieve excellence not as an individual, but as a class.
During recess, I caught up with him in the staff room, and presented him my dental letter. He granted me permission to leave, wished me good, and saw me out of the staffroom.
Dental appointment: Dad drove me to the NDC. I slept throughout the journey (lazy me). I was supposed to get my braces that day. After waiting for a rather long time for my number to be called, I went into the dental room, let the dentist inspect my teeth, listened to her confirm that my teeth were very straight and I had an appeasing profile, and that I did not need braces for the moment.
Phew. I never really liked the feeling of metal screwed onto my teeth.

Let's see, today's happenings...
We started off watching a Channel Newasia clip in the hall. That segment was called 'Nesa in Class', probably meant purely for Secondary and JC schools' perusals. I dunno.
Sheryl Fox was talking about this rather touchy subject, about toilet stuff. St. Hilda's Secondary, a school nearby ours, was doing some sort of campaign to raise awwareness about toilet hygeine and the like. They were selling 'Pee and Poo' stuff like badges and stationery in booths, and were even planning to market the goods in shopping centres.
Uh, I only hope people would bother to buy them. Yeah. Making business around the toilet won't exactly sell much in my books.
Two other topics were mentioned: Gene Pool research in India, and horse-riding women in Iran. Quite entertaining and informative.
I couldn't really remember what lesson came next, and I don't have access to Shaun's blog this time (which is quite strange, really), so I'll just cut to the part where I tell you about what happened during PE.
We had Badminton again today. Mr. Koh had kept on telling us about training in pairs. He wanted consistency, for the training to be good. Consistency meant we had to learn to take control of our swing and direction. I can do that really well, no problems.
I was worn. There was still a problem to contend with. What problem, I hear you wonder?
I was paired up with Fadhil. Again. The court was away from the window this time, and that was good. Fadhil kept on hitting the shuttlecock out of court, sometimes into other people's ways. It was quite tiring having to run around picking up the shuttlecock for him. Shaun ahd later commented, with the air of Mr. Koh teaching us about consistency, that "I had a very inconsistent partner".
Damn straight, friend.
After recess (where I spent time in the canteen trying out some new Japanese food from my favourite stall, and when Alvin presented my with a belated birthday present) (the present was a bookmark. Cheap, but thoughtful. I'm very grateful for your care, Alvin. thanks), we came back for our Chinese period, to see that part of the cellophane paper covering the front lamps were taken down. I suppose the class was looking a bit too much like Geylang. Anyways, our teacher, Wang Lau Shi (as we address her, it simply means 'Teacher Wang' in Chinese), made us recite paragraphs from a passage in our textbooks. Now, I was never really good at vocal Chinese, let alone readin aloud in Chinese, so I sorta blended in with the rest of the class while reciting. Strangely enough, Wang Lau Shi mentioned later on that I was one of the louder voices in the class.
Mr. Jae showed us the 'News in Class' vids again at the AVA room. He then later gave us some discussive questions to talk about, and some other questions that were related to said videos. Well, I had tons of things to say about them. It felt nice.
Today was another test day, this time for E. Maths. The questions were all about quadratic algebraic equations. Pretty simple to me, I'm expecting another full-mark grade.
The last one period went to Chemistry. No lessons conducted, we just did filing. I had everything in nice and proper, which was good. I felt rather grand about it, only because it had been a long time since I ever got all the needed worksheets and notes in a file. A damn long time.
That's it for now friends, I just wanna leave you guys with one more thing: Never lewt others talk you down. Don't feel bad about what they say. It is most likely false, and you have no reason whatsoever to take something that is not true seriously.
Remember that. Sayonara for now.

Friday, January 20

Today: Friday.
My problem: The Spiked Humor video and the background music of my blog.
Remedy: When you click upon 'Me' and see the video playing, stop it. It'll ust be an interference.
The promise: I'll get it fixed soon.
The apology: That's right, I apologize for any inconveniece caused.

School was alright. I came to school slightly earlier today, and used the extra time in the canteen completing some A. Math homework that was due Monday.
Everything started off in class with the pricipal, Mrs. oh, coming into our class for an inspection. She stayed on during the National Anthem and Pledge, too. That meant we had to sing the Anthem and say the pladge OUT LOUD.
Not that I had any problems with that, though. it's just that I had'nt been doing that for a very long time.
After that, we spent the first period with Mr. Jae decorating our class. Yan Hao clambered atop a chair and four tables, ready to stick the first strip of red cellophane paper onto the ceiling light. I supplied him with the scotch tape. Meanwhile, everybody else busied themselves with the noticeboard at the back of the class, or with the roses that Gladys had bought (at a cheaper price) from some other florist. As it turned out, I didn't bother showing my face to the place I had ordered the flowers from earlier yesterday.
When that period ended, we proceeded with lessons as usual, starting with A. Maths, two periods. That was used for the A. Maths test on Set Language and Notation, including Venn Diagrams. I fared pretty well, having already come to terms with them Venn diagram Circles, Universal Sets and the rest of the lot.
During English period with Mr. Jae again, we continued with the decorating of the class. This time, I located myself at the back of the class, on top of a chair and table, with Xue Lian supporting me, while I cellophane-papered the ceiling lamps there. Now, I am deathly afraid of heights, but I managed to complete my part of the job without much hassle, unless you count how peskily my hands were quavering as I pasted the scotch tape over the cellophane, sealing it in place. We dicided later on to leave the lights in the middle of the room paper-less, just for the benefit of luminousness. The cellophane paper only went to the front and back lights, which cast a lovely hue against the wall.
After recess was three more periods of E. Math, before the bell rings to let us off. We covered a new topic :Laws of Indices. it was quite tricky at first, and it just got harder as we moved on. Still, I managed to cope. And cope with it I did very well.
After school, as the NB of my class, I rushed back home to collect a handful of plastic bags to collect plastic bottles with Xue Lian, the awesome China Man.
The tactic I introduced was quite unique, and at the same time onorthodox. I got that idea from Sec. 1, when I was vice-chairperson and environmental officer of my class.
Both of us didn't just confine ourselves to our class, oh no; we went around the whole school, going into classes and collecting 'ripe old' bottles for our bags, as though we were picking oranges from an orchard.
I came back to class, exhausted, nearly fifteen minutes later, only to be confronted by a very miffed Gladys. It seemed like I had take her bottle in the process, and she needed it for her CCA later on. No big deal I could always get a new one.
But what did I do? I said the wrong thing, and got her even more mad. I'm not giving details, only cos I just wanna forget about it.
Anyway, you should've seen me bolt out of the class. I went to buy another new bottle of water from the canten, but when I got back to class I realised she had gone.
What else could I do? On further behest of my friends present there, I stuck an apology letter to the bottle of water with tape, and wrote an extra-big message on the whiteboard.
Gladys, I'm really sorry.

Thursday, January 19

Whew! I haven't really updated here in a while, sorry 'bout that. These past few days have been very busy.
Okay, today's happenings. I had already pre-ordered roses from the nearby florist's to decorate the class. Just today, Gladys was telling me I needn't buy them anymore, as Grace (a friend who sits beside me in class) knows of another place where she could get them for a cheaper price. Now, I was supposed to pick up the flowers by tomorrow. Right now, I'm not sure if I wanna cancel the order, or pay the amount from my pocket and wait till Valentine's (which is most definitely not gonna happen, I don't celebrate Valentine's), or simply not show my face at all.
The upper Secondary peeps were in the hall today for a light weekly workout. Mr. jae was leading us for today's session, and we all had fun shaking our hands and feet to the sounds of some Techno music (Though you should know I kinda hate Techno music).
Today had four periods of A. Maths. As a young boy, I had always enjoyed solving math problems. The best part of it all was checking your answers at the end to see if you had gotten them correct, without any help, which was quite fequent in my case.
We were doing Venn diagrams, going over them to prepare for the test tomorrow, after school. I have pretty much mastered the topic by now, so I've taken to helping my friends in need.
We had one period of Physics later on. Ms. Neo used that to go through the answers to the textbook questions done previously. I completed only questions 6 and 7 but not 8, so it was quite a relief for me that we ran out of time and had to leave going through question 8 for later lessons.
Chemistry was next. Like Physics, we went through our Chromatography worksheets together with Mrs. Low. I realised that my chromatogram which I produced during yesterday's Chem Lab period was missing, so I had to hand up my worksheet together with it tomorrow.
After recess was three periods of English. It took us nearly one period to get settled in the comp lab, as Mr. Jae had other matters to attend to at that moment. He told us that we were going to do a diagnostic composition test to observe our command of English individually, or something to that extent. I rejoiced, and did the assignment with much eargerness, unlike most of the class, who seemed rather reluctant.
I did a passage about ambulance drivers at work. It was quite rushed, though, but I tried to do the best I can. I hope Mr. Jae notices the little bombastic words I added in here and there. I always aim to impress, that's me.
Life skills was next. Mrs. K (as what she allows her pure bio studs to call her now) made us do a self-reflection, not before adding that Life Skills also contributes to our report card. As if I needed the extra work. The self-reflection seemed a thad too personal. I couldn't decide on what to write down under "Who I admire Most" and ""My Ambitions". Seriously, I do not plot out my life like that. I live it day by day.
Mrs. K added that she's gonna assign "Guardian Angel" to each of us. We are going to be each other's secret mentors, every now and then passing notes to them and telling them what's right. Man, I sure hope my GA could be someone as good as Mr. Jae. No one ever equals him in niceness, though. he's simply the best.
All I have to be concerned about is how I'm gonna guide my quarry... I mean my (however you would describe someone under your guidance) person. I really am not role model material. I say the wrong things every time. I have absolutely no confidence in myself right now.
Assembly took up the last two periods for today. Some teachers were explaining to us Upper Sec about a certain musical that was planning. They showed snippets of Singin' in the Rain, Grease and some unknown Indian movie that featured women singing in excruciatingly (for those special few of you, I apologize for excessively using this word to describe pain) high-pitched voices. After that they presented our local Junyuan talents. Eunice from our class, and another friedn of mine from Sec. 4, Zul, came on stage with a violin apiece. They began playing a certain classical piece, one which I could not hear quite well from where I was sitting. Not until the (lax) PA boys added better mikes in front of them, which was when I said to myself, "Man, they're great!"
Next was modern dance. Some Sec. 4 guys (I know them cos they're in the NCC) came up and began breakdancing their hearts away. Breakdancing and Hip-hop is cool, but sometimes I think it's too overrated. Indeed, their performance was.
After that was the choir! A number of them, including an alumni called Derrick (I've met him before in one of Mrs. K's previous Bio classes in the Bio Lab. He came there as a 'special guest star', apparently, and Mrs. K was saying what a nice boy he was), came on stage, and began singing some weird number all about "Why do I fall in love?" and "Woo-wah, woo-wah, woo-wah"s. I swore I could've fallen asleep if I wasn't careful. But I don't blame the choir guys. A lot of good friends of mine are in the choir too. Shaun, Joshua, Amanda, and Loretta, just to name a few.
Yeah, I blame the (lax) PA boys. The mikes were freakin' lousy.
P.S. This post was done 20th Jan 2006, only because I never got to complete it on Wednesday. I forgot almost everything, and I had to rely mostly on Shaun's trusty and updated-daily blog. Thanks a lot, Shaun! You rock!

Tuesday, January 17

Happenings in school today:
Today was P.E. day. Came to school in two layers of clothing. Quite uncomfortable, to tell you the truth. I never liked wearing a shirt and shorts under my school polo and pants.
First two periods was social studies. Shaun had a box of chocolates from Mr. Jae, and he presented it to Ms. Ross when she came to class, as a token of apology (not as an early Valentine's Day gift, Gid forbid). She declined it, and so Shaun took it back. The lesson then went on as normal, without any interruptions.
P.E was next, and the lesson was about badminton, and it was held in the school hall. We were supposed to practice the forehand overhead drive in pairs, and I had to pair up with a guy friend of mine. Turns out he isn't as good in the game as I am. He can't hit a high ball,a nd i'm always having to rush forward just to return a shot that he can't hit. So much for consistency. We finished the lesson with me sweating like hell, while he smelt like a rose (because he didn't really need to move around much, unless you count the time he hit the shuttlecock out of the window and we had to retreive it). Ugh.
Then there was English after recess. We had to go to the comp lab to do up a blog entry (Hence the quickie blog earlier).
E-Maths was next. Mrs. Tan came into the room, announcing that one certain joker had forgotten to hand an exercise book previously, as it turned out, that was me. Everybody groaned my name in disgust (I think). Ugh.
That was all I could remember, sorry for the late post. Certain people (eyes dart to my brother) have been hogging the damn machine past few nights.

This is a quicky blog for English class, so let's get on with it.
Yesterday I went around visiting my friend's blogs, and chatting with them over the tag-board. As it turns out, opening up to them does help a bit. They're beginning to come to terms with me, too. Well, some of them at least.
Shaun's blog has an FF theme too. FFX2, feturing Yuna and Cloud (?) (I'm not entirely sure, somebody correct me) in an embrace. It sorta seems very alike wit my theme, feat. Zidane and some other gal, lying in his arms.
I like Rikku. I prefer her to anybody else, even Lara Croft. If I can find a theme about her, even if it's pink, yellow or snow-white (girly colors), I'd use it.
Rikku is hot. And I wish I had more time to blog all about her. I love that bikini.
And while I'm at it, lemme surprise you wit something random.
My best friend, all-knowing and incredibly intelligent. he knows everything in this wole wide shitty world, from hyperventilation to hyperconductivity, Anime to animals, Zelda to zebra.
Here's something else random!
Bonus Stage, the best webtoon ever created. it's humoruos, random and stupid, all at the same time. I highly recommend it.
Anyway, that's it for now, bye!

Monday, January 16

Something to note...

Dear reader, having received feedback and advice from a friend of mine, I feel I have something very important you all should note while reading my blog.
It is done in Emo form.
Emo, meaning Gothic, Dark, pessimistic, and the like.
I write this way partly to improve writing skills, partly to tell a life story within the shadows, partly to entertain Emo readers, and mostly to make mountains out of molehills.
Gladys and Shaun, if you are reading this, let me just say, from the bottom of the very trenches of my lonesome beating heart, that no hard feelings are intended. You guys are supposed to be two of some of my greatest friends in my entire existence, only it hasn't happened yet. If you, even if you are anybody else for that matter, think that my style of writing is not to your tastes, imform me immediately. I can change everything in a flourish, all while keeping my Final Fantasy theme (If you don't know what I mean, see Shaun's blog, using my link).
If you are someone who don't know me that well, keep in mind that I'm not entirely dark, it's just how I express myself online. I can be very friendly at times, and everybody around me, even my enemies, know it. If you really wanna see how my character is like, look at the Tag-board. I can curse and swear, but I seldom do that kind of thing in real life.
I really hope the whole world can come to terms one day. I really do. We would all live harmoniously, and there would be no sadness, no war. I am a dreamer.
Anway, today's happenings.
The advice I received from that certain friend of mine has left me resolved. I started the week in school a (nearly) changed man. You see, I cherish valuable words, like how Ranson would cherish his bible (if you don't know Ranson, visit his blog, using my link). I became quieter, less hostile. I tried to open up. I kept reminding to myself, "If you think the world has turned their backs to you, take a closer look. What might've really happened, was that you have turned your back to the world." Or something to that extent, at least. I learned that from a certain chain mail I received in my mail.
Lesson learnt, children. Always check you chain mails.
Anyway, back to the topic. School went on pretty normal today. I noticed quite recently that not everyone seems to take a liking to our Physics teacher, Ms. Neo. She has a teaching style that is incredibly old, an involves a lot of textbook referral, worksheet completion, scolding and lecturing, so that much be the reson why.
If it were me, I'd give peace a chance. Everyone deserves a chance, no matter who they are. I believe Ms. Neo can be really nice to us, if all of us are nice to her.
Anyway, Physics were our first two periods of the day, and of the whole week. Today was pretty okay, but judging from the way we do, I don't think it's very healthy, starting the week on the wrong chord.
I can't really say much else. Mr. Jae had announced during English today that he was going to be away this Wednesday for a meeting at Anglican High, so he won't be able to help use decorate the class for CHinese New Year on that day. We decided to postpone it one day later.
Social Studies was the worst of all. Thank God it was the last peroid, and thank God again that we only see that Banshee, Ms. Ross (no wonder she's still single), in class for one and a half hours a week.
Anyway, with what little time she had, she made life at that time as harsh as possible.
She started off nagging about us keeping textbooks in the class cupboard. We explained to he that Mr. Jae had allowed us to keep it there. She said that he was wrong. In a nasty tone of voice. How dare she, that Banshee!
Then she went on ranting about expectations and discipline about our class. I could not remember a single thing she said, so I've got nothing to write about that.
What I do have to write about was two very brave soldiers who stood up against "The Man". "Le Mano".
Shaun, that very same guy who was despised by me, suddenly earned my respect when he said, out loud, in the middle of her lecture, "Whatever!"
Of course, he was made to stand up throughout the rest of the peroid.
Then she continued, again. I nearly fell asleep, which was quite surprising cos I remember taking two cups of coffee this morning.
She began berating us about how bad us guys can be. That was when Kent, this small, uninteresting guy in my class who spends nearly half of his school life in the classroom sleeping, spoke.
"Throw backwards!"
It was in broken English (after all, it's Kent we're talking about), but everybody understood what he meant. We broke into laughter. Ms. Ross asked him to stand up, again. He did it without much of a bother.
Then she went on, again. After what seemed eternity (and eternity only lasted fifteen minutes), she stopped.
Then she gave us a pop quiz.
The whole class took it rather reluctantly, wishing this nightmare would end soon.
It did another ten minutes later. School ended.
That was it for now, quite rushed, missing tons of details, but I can't help it. I don't need to be detailed and perfect in my writing all the time, do I?

Sunday, January 15

I have a freaking problem...

Dear reader (even to some whom I feel should never come near this blog, cos I say bad and biased things about people sometimes), I have a problem, which has been plagueing me for years now.
Everybody has a problem with me. And that's my problem. I've got a problem with them thinking about problems about me. And it sucks and much as it is confusing.
See, I don't feel appreciated in school at all. It's like, everybody just wants me dead or something, so long as I don't interact with them at all.
This kind of mentality I have lived with for several has somehow come to terms with me, but it can always burst into flames quickly and unexpectedly at times, when my physical being and the weaker side of me can't take it.
I never talked about this during the past, not even once, but just a few days ago, when it happened again, I decided to blog all about it. As quoted from Eminem's song, Like Toy Soldiers, "I was supposed to be the soldier who never blows his composure". For those of you involved (you know who you are), be thankful this will never reciprocate from me. It is not how I react.
For a long time, I've been disliking a guy in my class called Shaun. He's arrogant and lame (or at least, lamer than me). yet people enjoy his company, and this I can't understand.
Anyway, there were two instances where I got really pissed off by him.
After school, at said date, I was waiting for a group of friends from NCC who were going to discuss some NCC business with me. I sat alone at an unbrella-table in the courtyard. Not long later, I met a friend of mine who used to join me during Chinese classes last year, Joshua. He was waiting for somebody pertaining certain choir stuff, and sat with me at the table, breaking into conversation.
Who should come by another few minutes later, but Shaun. He didn't need to do much to get me irritated.
"Joshua, why are you sitting with Ananda?" was all he said. Joshua didn't reply. I raised an eyebrow at Shaun as he walked away.
I didn't need to tell you what happened next, because... Nothing happened next. Life returned to normal.
Yet, something inside me was throwing its temper. Who the 'fudge' does he think I am? A piece of 'sheet'? I went through the rest of the day feeling downcast, but nobody knew it. I never showed it. I have learned how to hide it from years of experience with this sort of thing.
And while I was still down, he kicked me again (not literally).
A day later, it was my birthday, and so was Koh See Wee's (another guy in my class, for those who don't know). he's my evil twin, see, but I can be eviler than him, only I never show it, again.
yet another classmate, farah, wrote a message on the whiteboard, announcing the special (actually, not-so-special) event.
And that was when Shaun shot his mouth off again.
"See Wee, why do you share a birthday with Ananda?"
Now, I've always hated my birthdays at school, cos nothing eventful ever happensand rarely does anyone shows any affection whatsoever (no that I need any, mind) (Also, let me thank Grace and Farah for remembering my birthday. I'm actually very touched), but when he said that, it made me hate this occasion even more. Again, I never revealed it. This didn't make me hate Shaun anymore than I already do, though. Must be the Angel inside me diong all that forgiving. If that is so, thanks a lot, my Angel.
But that wasn't the end of the whole chain of insults, though.
I remembered it was on a Wednesday, after the Haji holidays. Jing Xin had brought her guitar to class for her guitar emsemble CCA after school, and, doing what I had been doing every Tuesday and Friday last year with another friend of mine, asked if I could borrow it during recess. She agreed without hesitation.
So there I was, strumming away on that classical guitar, feeling the taut nylon on my fingers, listening to my voice-less music (cos I simply can't sing to save my life) of a certain Green Day song.
And hateful memories came back.
See, last year, I was the number 1 enemy of a certain clique of girls in the class (To this day, I cannot remember for the life of it what the hell had occurred that made this so). They often made coughing noises when I was around, critised whatever I said and did, and that included my guitar-playing during recess, which they called 'noise pollution'. Now, this caught on with others outside the class, so I suppose you know what happened next.
Someone else had shot off her mouth again.
"Noise pollution!" Admonished Gladys. I silenced the guitar stings abruptly with my hand. The gears in my mind clicked. I felt bad all over again.
Nobody would be able to see it, though. My facade is, as always, effective.
Guitar playing was the only physical talent I had (mentally, I'm intelligent, and a very good thinker, feeler and listener). If you had only one talent in the whole wide world, and cherished it deeply, and someone comes along to cuss about it, how would you feel?
Gladys had also imitated that dreadful coughing sound whenever needed, but while this treatment was rare, it was still hurtful inside.
I know bottling it up won't do any good, but what could I do? Make an outburst and create that long-lasting impression to all one-sided people who are against me that I am nothing but a jerk, and that I could be aggravated easily, and insult me even worse than before? I don't think so.
I made up my mid to talk to somebody one day. The opportunity is there.
What opportunity?, you may ask.
Dear reader, I have the greatest educator/mentor I have ever known in my history of education as my form teacher.
Mr. Jae, as he likes to be called by his students, is very fit and possesses the gift of gab, so it's not surprising he teaches English and P.E. Besides that, he is the one of the only people outside my family who actually bothers. I feel very blessed to be under his guidance and teaching, and I know I will not be able to repay his kindness and care back in full, though I am committed to trying. I take this gift from God as an opportunity to let all this steam out someday, and I'm dead sure that'll help.
Anyway, after seeing the dark tunnel I'm in, and the light at the end of it, I hope you will finally understand how wealthy some of you are to be out of my predicaments. Thank you for any of your sentiments, however small.

Friday, January 13


This post is all about the word 'orange', and I'm doing it as a class assignment in school, so take this as a chance to see my lighter side in this world of darkness.
Orange. O-R-A-N-G-E. So simple, yet so sophisticated.
The word 'orange' is a six-alphabet combination with letters that could spell out 'range', 'rage', 'anger', 'organ', 'eon', 'gone', 'earn', and so on.
It can be used to describe the citrus fruit which is round and possesses a colour of the same name. Variations of it include Mandarin oranges and kumquats.
Orange is also a warm, calming colour, one whic I would advise we use to paint the walls of some of our freezingly cold air-conditioned rooms. It is a brilliant, vibrant mixture of red and yellow, and is most commonly found on objects like beer in a clear glass, persimmons, oranges (needless to say), luminous fires, and basketballs. It comes in different hues, just like all other colours of the world.
Orange is a name used very commonly in the United States, mostly for county names. We have Orange Counties in California (remember the hit TV series, The OC? Well, it stands for Orange County, in CA), Massachusetts, New York (which has another county by the name of Orangeville), Ohio and Texas, to name a few. Orange is also used to name other areas in the world like new South Wales and Vancluse.
Orange is a very inviting colour when used in homes. My house is painted in yellow, which has a rather similar effect, though I know a little bit of red wouldn't hurt.
Hey, the 'Publish Post' button is in orange too! So is the Blogger logo! It seems like Orange is one of the theme colours for this group of websites too.
This concludes my super funny crap post all about oranges. Till next time.

Thursday, January 12

Picking up where I left...

This new blog I created picks up where I left off from my MSN space at This doesn't mean I'll stop blogging there entirely either, I'll just be updating random stuff there now and then, but I'm using this to record my school life.
Anyway, let's get started.
Today's my 15th Birthday, and I share it with See Wee. He's older than me by a few hours. This day also happens to be Boy's Brigade Day, but I don't care.
School life went on pretty normally. I even forgot it was my birthday. Farah wrote it down at the side of the whiteboard, announcing the news to the whole class. I erased it later.
The news spread anyway, as predicted, and after school, someone called a gang over the the classroom for a birthday bash. Rather eagerly, I sat on the floor while they kicked at me like crazy. Thank goodness they didn't know how to aim.
It was all over after a few seconds. I couldn't believe it. THAT FAST?!
Anyway, that'll be all for now. I'll post the after-school details on the MSN space, so watch out for it!
(BTW, check this website out. It's super funny shit, and it's a blog created by another friend of mine that makes satires of everything in his miserable existence.