Thursday, April 27

It's been too long...

Wassup guys, it's me again.
I haven't been around ever since that last blog entry I did in school, I was only REMINDED about it recently when my friend asked me about it (thanks Russell). I visited it again, gazed longingly at the wonderful Love Hina wallpaper (I've been isolating myself from my manga collection these days; it's so nice to see these familiar characters again), and listened to its quiant music (which I didn't even know it had as I heard nothing when I previewed it on I don't even know what this particular song is titled, but it moved me straight away (yeah, that's me being Emo, I hate Emo).
I simply love this song. It made me forget all my worries of the coming exams, all the pressure from my activities (including the NCC stuff), and it even made me forget what I wanted to write here in the first place.
Oh yeah. My school life.
My class timetable had changed since the start of term 2, that's some time after I stopped updating here, so we have different subjects every day of the week. All I could remember was today started of with Chemistry; the teacher revised covalent and ionic bonds with the class, also periodic group properties of Halogens (the group VII chemicals). In Physics we covered rafraction of light, in E. Math we revised Variations, in A. Math we did Indices, Surds and Logarithms (I had a huge headache after that, I completely forgot everything I had learnt about these topics before). As before, there was Biology on Thursday afternoons, today was no different, we spent time doing a small class test on Nutrition in Mammals, then completed some revision work on cells.
Oh yeah, there was a fire drill in school today. I was halfway through my Math revision when the bell sounded. Dang, just when I was really getting into the mood for study. We left the classroom and headed outside casually, like we did in every fire drill. It was fifteen minutes later, when it had been checked that everyone was presented and accounted for, that was returned to class.
Oh yeah, there's been a few updates with my NCC today. Recently, due to numerous unforesen circumstances, I had been rather flawed in doing my job as the Administrative officer of my platoon, thus it had been decided, just this afternoon, that I step down as the Admin-in-charge for a while, and let somebody else take over. That's a relief; I didn't think I could manage all that work while keeping up with the class in terms of grades. After all, I'm the only NCC guy in the pure-sciences pilot class, everybody else has more free time than me, I think it's only fair I don't be given such a large portion of work to do.
Then again, I wasn't too happy about my stepping-down. It meant that I had been irresponsible and incapable (unforseen circumstances or not), and that other people were better than me. I hate knowing that there are others out there better than me. I always liked thinking that I was better than the rest. He can I prove that now with this 'demotion'?
I've made a resolution. It's no more procrastinating and lazing around for me anymore. If I want to be the best (because I CAN be the best), I'll have to work and do something about it. Just wait and see.
Tsukaremashita, oyasuminasai.

Friday, April 7

I'm back, with another school assignment!

Damn. I haven't been around here in a long time. All of a sudden, my life seems to have changed, for the busier. I barely have any spare time to blog, and whenever I have time on in the Internet, which is by now very little, it's solely spent on forums and school assignments. My apologies to bigpenguin for not updating and keeping him in suspense the whole time (I bet he comes here everyday just to check for new blog entries), I promise I won't be away so long next time.
Anyways, I'm here in the school comp lab, I've got another English assignment on 'Happiness' to do, if I have time I'll probably change my blog skin again, so let's carry on.

The writer sat slouched on his chair, gazing blankly at the monitor. On it was a empty Blogger text box, waiting patiently to be stacked with witty words or intelligent phrases.
He was supposed to complete a narrative about Happiness. Happiness. How does one define happiness? Is it merely emotion, or something more than that? If the latter is so, what more can one find in Happiness?
The writer thought hard. Trying to remember the past times when he felt happy. He was reminded that those very times he had gone through simply could not be generally defined as 'happy'. He dropped both hands down on his lap, and heaved a sorry sigh. This was going to be harder than he thought.
he remembered his birthdays. Yes, birthdays were always happy occasions. His parents would invite all his friends over for parties when he was a ten-and-below child. There were games, food, liveliness, cake, and presents. The adults would be in their best of moods, cheerily mingling with each other and exchanging news, while the kids would run around and play hide-and-seek, shouting and chattering to their heart's content.
He remembered his early years in school. His grades then were marvellous; everybody thought he was a prodigy of sorts. His parents would constantly reward him for his excellent academic results, bringing him out on family excursions or dinners. They were proud of him, and he was proud of himself.
In his preteens, he recalled his times as a swimming ace. He would fly gracefully in the water, easily overtaking his competitors and reaching the finish line first. The testament? His collection of trophies and medals arranged prominently on his study table, till this day.
The writer smiled briefly. The good old days. He raised his arms again, and floated his fingers over the keyboard. Sure, he's stopped celebrating birthdays with fancy parties, his grades are good albeit not fantastic most recently, and he's not been in a pool for a long time.
His fingers began dancing furiously on the keys.
But, for now, he had finally found something good to write on his blog.