Monday, February 27

I just wish my friends would post more frequently. I'm bored.

Watch this space, anyway.

Thursday, February 23

(Seriously, am I the only one in my class who actually updates his blog as frequently as possible, even to the point it is day-by-day? I've been going around visiting my rest of the classmates blogs, and all they have are Mr. Jae's English assignments. How boring!)
A lot of things happened yesterday.
And I didn't have the time to tell all of it to you all.
And now I've forgotten everything.
Pathetic. Simply pathetic.
Downloaded some rocking DoA 4 videos from Not gonna put them here, your IE would die trying to load it up.
Today's happenings...
Put up a notice on the NCC notice board early this morning, requesting to meet the Sec 2s and 3s so I could finish up a nominal roll for my Lieutenant. I wasn't sure if my handwriting was legible enough, though. It seemed pretty readable to me.
Today was Thursday, and there was supposed to be an activity in the hall, but all that was cancelled and everybody assembled in the Parade Square instead, due to a nation-wide tragedy.
No, it's not terrorist bombings or whatever. A former member of the Singaporean Parliament, Mr. S Rajaratnam, had passed away yesterday afternoon. I remember sitting at home last night in front of the TV, watching the news and other Parliament members speaking their thoughts about him. He was an important figure in Singaporean history, as the man who wrote our National Pledge and introduced Singapore to the world. he built a Foreign Ministry from scratch, built close relationships with other countries, and brought a lot of fortune and attention to our nation.
It seems that nobody in this world would really understand exactly how much a man or woman had done and contributed in his or her life, until that person has deceased. I never realised just how much he meant to us Singaporean citizens, how important and valuable he was to us, or even if he was still alive or not. At that period, the only times I've ever seen that man is in my History books. S Rajaratnam, pioneer of modern Singapore. God bless him.
Anyway, back to reality. The school and National flags were flown at half-mast, as a show of respect and mourning for our former Foreign Minister, everyone was unusually eager to take the Pledge today, and we left the Parade Square with a message from our Principal, reminding us to be solemn and serious about this matter throughout the schooling day. I ask you, must we really? I mean, I know Mr. Rajaratnam's important and all, I've paid my respects to him, can't you let me concentrate in my studies now?
A. Maths took up the first three periods. We went on to a new chapter: Indices and Turds Surds (oops!). I had to apply what I had learnt in Indices (E. Maths chapter) in this topic, which was a thad bit challenging, but nonetheless fun. I had a good time racking my brains to solve those exercise questions. I enjoy it when I get the right answers all by myself. It sorta gives me something to be proud of.
Physics for one period was next, Nasal Neo turned up with a worksheet on Thermal Capacity for us to do. The worksheet involved heat capacity and specific heat capacity formulas, not to mention even more Math figures and stuff, and that was the best part of today's lesson. I completed the paper and handed it up way before my fellow classmates. Yep, never before have I been this enthusiastic about Physics.
After that was Chemistry to take us all the way till recess (which was 1 hour). There, we had more Math-related activities.
We were doing Chemical equations. It involved adding numbers in front of Chemical symbols so that both sides of the equal sign have the same amount of elemental atoms. I had a blast solving the questions. They were simply so fun to do.
After recess was English for three periods. Mr. Jae took us to the comp lab to discuss about our Entrepreneurship project proposals. One person from each group had to give a brief speech about his or her group's ideas and plans. Our group was going to smoothies on a CCA day. Others wanted to sell finger food, still others planned on marketing ice cream, and one group had even wanted to make crepes (slurp!). Very nice. After that, he spent the rest of the time with us planning for our next essay assignment. The topic was supposed to be a botu a friend who had made a huge difference in my life.
Now, I have no such friends like that, so I decided to write a fiction story in the first-person. Lessee... That "friend" is going to be someone by the name of Ruth, she's supposed to "make the difference" in my Primary 6 year, and that difference was going to be about... Argh, why am I telling you this?!
Chinese was next. The class went downstairs from comp lab 4, which was one the fourth floor, all the way to our classroom, which was at the first floor, right at the edge of the school compound. From there, our Chinese teacher, Wang Lau Shi, told us that she wanted to show us her blog (done in Chinese) and that we were supposed to leave a comment (in Chinese) there. And all this had to be done in... Where else, but comp lab 4. So we walked right back up, to the comp lab that were in just a few minutes before. There, I went to her blog, read my fellows friend's comments about it (which was in Chinese), and decided to write one myself. Just as I was about to do so, the comp I was using lost Internet connection. Fack.
We were supposed to end the school day wtih yet another A. Math period, but as Mrs. Tan was busy, Mrs. Low came in to take over. We continued with Chemical equations all the way to the end-of-school bell.
Bio was after classes, at 3PM. Mrs. K hadn't finished marking our Bio test papers yet, so our suspense had to continue over the weekend. We spent the 1 and a half hours in the air-conditioned classroom studying enzymes and how temperature affects its activity. Nothing short of interesting. The lesson was absolutely fantastic, though we didn't get any candy.
Today was wonderful, and I hope for more schooldays like this to come. Dewa Mata!

Tuesday, February 21

Cosplay. Nice game. I want a Darth Vader suit. I dig chicks in FFX2 costumes. Also, it's kinda Wapanese Weeaboo (slang term used primarily on some Internet message boards to describe a Caucasian person who either wishes s/he were of Japanese descent and/or who has a heavy interest in Japan or Japanese culture), too.
I love Rikku more than any other video game character in the world. I think about her everyday.
Kasumi from DoA is second. Same as above, except it only happened last time.
I sure sound like a pervert, don't I? Going for girls in skimpy outfits and hot bodies...
But, forget that. I've here to blog.
Tuesday. Woke up at around 6:30AM, thanks to my bro for not waking me up earlier. Conscience was telling me... Nothing. He's dead and locked up in my bowels. I shot him. Somehow, I still managed to get prepared within 15 minutes, I even got to school earlier than usual.
Watched the news at the hall (auditorium), just like every other Tuesday. Topics (that are the best of my memory) were about: How the government would deal with people skipping National Service, and Japanese Kimono makers getting Japanese women young and old to put on the Kimono once again, using modern methods and strategies.
Social Studies took first two periods. Newty made us do an easy mind-map about Singapore and Malaya's Merger. For once, I didn't feel apprehensive, or bored at all. But I didn't have fun, all the same. For some reason, the Newt had called for Ranson and Faez to meet her after school. I have a feeling it was about the test.
Physics was next, did something about thermocouples and stuff with the Nasal Neo.
PE after that, Badminton again, and Fad wasn't in my team. I was on a court of different players this time. Had lots of fun with them.
Chinese came after recess again, this time we had spelling. And I sucked at it.
English next. Mr. Jae wasn't there, so some Jack Black look-and-sound-alike took over. He brought us to the library as we had to complete a certain proposal for a certain project, about entrepreneurship and selling stuff in school. Me and my group worked together pretty well. We had a lot of brainstorming, came up with a few good ideas, and completed the proposal, all within the designated time. And yes, still no EMI, and all the journals were still with Mr. Jae.
E. Math session was after that, we had our TA (term assessment) test. Went pretty smoothy, initially I had a lot of problems, but I solved them all later on as I progressed.
Chemistry was last in line. Went through our Chem workbook. I never realised that the Oxygen 'O' symbol always had to be last letter.
After school I had NCC. Did a lot of PT, also did some commanding of my marching platoon. Not gonna specify, only cos I don't have time. In a nutshell, today's training rocked.
Okay, that's today for you, I gotta rush off. Bye bye!

Monday, February 20

I dreamt about Rikku last night.
Wait a minute. No, I didn't. Damn.
Anyway, woke up to another early Monday morning, earlier than the Sun, as usual, and suddenly got hit by something with a force as massive as a sledgehammer blow.
It was my conscience, screaming a good-morning greeting to me.
Thanks, my motherloving conscience. Thanks so much.
With that, I packed my bag, had breakfast (an egg sandwich, with a whole sunny-side-up egg inside), bade a mental goodbye to Rikku, would would be waiting for me here in this very blog till I come back home, and left for school feeling like crap.
Physics first up with Ms. Humongous-nostrils, once again. Forgot what she was talking about, though. Something to do with a thermal capacity worksheet which I forgot to bring. The start of my bad day.
A. Math next. Continued with... I don't know. E and A Math seem so similar the more I try to differenciate both of them. I had thought we were doing Inequalities for Advanced, but I also remembered doing that topic for Elementary. Then again, maybe it was simultaneous equations.
Geography next, Mrs. Ramos didn't come wasn't around (I think you should know why I censored those seemingly harmless words), and that meant one free period for us. Wewt. Spent my time on a power-nap.
English next, poor Hao forgot all about his EMI thing (for those who don't know and weren't paying attention, EMI in this case means 'encouraging, motivational, inspiring'), so he didn't come up to give his motivational talk to the class. Come to think of it, my turn is fast approaching, and I haven't even prepared a single word for my script. Better do that soon, or I'll be left scraping crappy stuff of the top of my dome during my speech.
Chinese was after recess. We got our newpaper review thing back from the teacher. I fared okay enough, it wasn't a fail as I expected.
Social Studies next, with the Newt-4-a-teacher, Rossana. I hadn't done my weekend assignment, I didn't have my folder with me, the Newt was all frog-smiles and taking pleasure in bullying our poor class chairperson -cum slash (yes, I have a very good reason for striking out that word too)- Social Studies representative, Ranson. Good thing all that only lasted 1 period.
E. Math took up the last 3 sessions. Did Inequalities, as mentioned earlier. Had a lot of problems doing number lines and all that crap, got many wrong answers, and that made me feel somewhat down.
School ended, but there was still Bio to go. Bio Term Assessment, to be exact.
Now now, don't worry, I wasn't worried about it. Spent half of my free time in between end of school and before Bio class eating lunch, spent another 1 quarter of it doing some last-minute cramming, and the last quarter talking with Shaun about FFX2.
Went to class and felt to tense atmosphere in it immediately; everybody was there, fervently revising, discussing with friends, Tiff and JX were even writing on the whiteboard, facts and figures that they could remember from their textbooks and worksheets. I helped correct some of their work, went around talking to others about stuff that might appear in the paper, trying to be as oblivious as I could to the suspense clinging all round me.
Mrs. K came (why do words like these have to be associated with sex? Why?!) arrived, was even more surprised at how her 'zaniest' class was reacting to the test, and got us all to calm down by giving us an EMI speech of her own. How thoughtful. I went through the test paper rather confidently, with not a single worry.
Test ended, went home, did blog.
Dewa Mata.

Thursday, February 16

Today was somewhat normal. How'd you find my 'Song' assignment, by the way?
Thursday, woke up thirty minutes past 6, went to school still half asleep.
We gathered at the hall for Councillor activity time, or whatever you may want to call spending morning assembly trying to appreciate what our student councillors have done for us. Watched a supposedly motivational Powerpoint slideshow. I liked the pictures.
Chemistry for two hours, as with all other Thursdays that have passed and Thursdays within Semester 1 that still have yet to arrive, kick-started to schooling day. Did stuff about electronic structures and atomic grouping in the periodic table. I tried as hard as I could to soak it all in.
Physics for one period, next. I don't understand, why we have to be in the class with that woman-teacher four days a (five-day) week. She puts people off with her style of teaching, she puts people to sleep with that nasal voice, and it puts my Phy grades at the verge of failing miserably. Dang.
Good news was, she wasn't around today. Woot. Spent a whole period doing nothing.
After reces was English. Headed for the comp lab once again to blog. That was when I did the 'Song' post. After that, we were supposed to review each other's posts on their tagboards, which would explain my friend's posts on the Troll-board.
Chinese next, did a newspaper-review sort of composition. I actually did better than expected, though usually that results in suckage grades that are lower than my expectations. Only time will tell.
A. Math next, continued with simultaneous equations with remainder and factor theorem. It just gets more and more fun as we move along. Very enjoyable and challenging Math it is, indeed.
I was supposed to have Bio afterwards. Realising that I have so foolishly forgotten this fact, and that I have signed up to help collect the NCC uniforms for the new cadets today, I immediately went... Back home, for lunch and some homework. Came back to school, Mr. Sin let me off and told me I needn't go for the thing, and hurried off for Bio.
Today was all about enzymes. Tons of new stuff I learnt today, and I even did a pictorial graph to remember all of it. During a five-minute break, I took the opportunity to hone my public-speaking skills, with the excuse of 'explaining with came first, the egg or the chicken'. I thought I did well enough, though the topic seemed a bit 'lamified' by my explanations. Never mind.
Finished Bio class to find that a jamming session with Raihan, a good friend of mine, had started on the canteen stage. I jumped at the chance to join in, and learned how to play Bass for the very first time. I got to rock on with him as we played Sum 41's 'Hell Song'. Total coolness.
Went back home, life reverted to normalcy once again. What a day.
Tsukaremashita. Oyasuminasai.

Song. School asignment. Let's get cracking, baby.
Song. Four-letter word. Mr. Ong, minus the 'Mr.' and added with 'S'. Can make 'son', 'sog', and 'snog'.
Song. Music. Pleasure. Peace. Sanctuary. Bands. Supergroups. Solos. Orchestras. Instruments. Crew. Studios. CD. MP3. Radio.
Just a few words that are associated with this noun. Despite its rather insignificant existence in the real world, where money's our first priority, it could still strike such a massive chord to the brain, showering it with its charm, massaging its every crevass and trench, rendering it to a state of collection and tranquility. Whether it's heavy metal banging at our eardrums, the gentle soothing voices of recognised vocalists, or the sweet svelte singing of violin strings, songs let us forget where we are, what we are racing for in life, and allows us to stop, rest, and enjoy.
Song has been in this world longer than anybody could have known. Some estimate it to be born at around 2000 B.C, more than 4000 annals ago. Others guessed it to be earlier than that, and that stonemen used to gather in cave campfires at night, beating animal bones on stone or wooden drums, if not against trees and other physical landforms. whatever it is, Song has definitely been serving us well since that time.
Song has spawned a humongous and successful worldwide business. Record labels, famous singers, arrogant managers, relentless paparazzi, prestigious awards, and even idolization, all these make up the music industry.
Song is like water. Song is like food. Song is essential for life. Without Song to cheer us up and liven our times, we are tense, short-tempered, easily angered, downcast, withdrawn, and dissatisfied with ourselves. We feel huge, gaping holes in our lives, as though something deep inside ourselves is missing something, and is crying out pitifully for it.
Song is praise. We praise the Lord our Father, our Maker, with joyous music. Through Song, we communicate and show appreciation. Sometimes, even God needs a little bit of music once in a while to relieve his mind and soul after a hard day's work of life-granting or life-saving. At least, that's what I think.
Songs convey thoughts. People write music to express ideas, feelings and emotions. They write songs that are sad, uplifting, motivational, cheery, or have tons of swearwords in them, depending on how they feel. Take Eminem as an example. Being a proud owner of his newest album, Curtain Call, I have heard all kinds of music, some that are hilarious and cracks jokes about events or stuff people do in real life, some really moody and defines how he feels about his career or family( especially his daughter), while others were simply for the Emo dudes in this world, those who have additive needs to listen to sad songs with heaps of curses and bad words. In a nutshell, Eminem serves everybody who listens, including himself.
Song. School assignment. Completed. Caused a sigh of relief.
Tsukaremashita. Dewa Mata.

Tuesday, February 14

I know, I know, it's been a long time since I last updated.
I've just been busy, that's all.
Also, I've stopped referring to Shaun's blog for daily happenings. All he posts there are stuff about his love life and all that shit. That's right, I am an independant man.
BTW, how'd you guys like the new David Elsewhere video I put up? Kinda cool, eh?
Okay, let's get on with my life blog before I go off to finish the remnamts of my Chemistry and E. Maths homework, shall we?
Yesterday was an okay Monday. I managed to get by Ms. Neo's class, but succumbed to sleep during Mr. Jae's. Pathetic old me.
Okay, now let's talk about about what happened last night. I went to the nearby community centre to meet up with my fellow NCC friends for a meeting of some sort. Being the seniors and all, we were supposed to plan for the camp that was coming up during the March hols. I won't be in that, though, being an Ophir participant. We planned activities that were gonna be organised in the school compound, and also came up with group names. We tried to be as wacky as possible, and came up with lots of funny words for the names. When that was done, I rushed to the bookshop to grab a Chemistry workbook, which I had been missing for more than two months now, and some Valentine's chocolate from a convenience store. 1 box of 16 chocs, for only $4.05. I'm such a cheapo. At home, I finished up the nominal roll that I was supposed to hand in to my NCC lieutenant, then surfed around till about 12AM or so, before finally hitting the sack.
Today, woke up pretty late, though it was time enough for me to grab a proper breakfast before setting off. Got to school in time, went to the hall to see the 'News in Class' thing, then proceeded with lessons, starting with Social Studies. Ross gave us an SBQ (source-based question) test about Singapore and Malaysia's Merger in the 1960s. It was the test of the term, the Term Assessment. Being an ace in this thing last year, I breezed through the test.
Physics was next. Ms. Neo went through the Physics Test Assessment with us. I did not so good for it, actually. It must've been because of all the times I've missed out on lessons because I didn't have a textbook or workbook. Or maybe because I didn't put in any serious effort into revising for it. I don't know.
PE was next. Badminton again. Boring.
Recess time, gave the Valentine's chocolates to Stacey, Amanda, Samantha, Grace, and some other girls whom I had forgotten (by right, the girls should be giving chocolates to the guys during this day). How the hell could I forget who I give free stuff to?
Chinese next, we marked our workbooks.
English, went to the comp lab to take the English TA. Mr. Jae was giving out candy to the class, and he even allowed us to eat them whilst doing the paper. Sweet.
E. Maths, started on a new topic, Inequalities. Looked really easy to me.
Chem took up the last period of the day. Majority of the class had forgotten all about the weekend homework, me included, which was quite a shame. We spent the rest of the time copying answers from the whiteboard.
School ended. I rejoiced. But not for long. I had to complete the nominal roll that I had been working on last night before NCC started. I got it done good, and was only a few minutes late for my CCA.
We spent the first half of the time marching around the parade square, then after that we had light PT (physical training). Nothing interesting to note, just another boring session. Went back home feeling tired, yet unsatisfied.
Man, I should start learning to post only when something interesting happens in school. Too many boring posts would mean lesser eaders, and nobody wants that.

Wednesday, February 8

Konbanwa! Jiyuji yonjiyuppun gogo des!
What do you think? I can learn Japanese! I just said, "Good evening, it's 10:40 PM!"
Still have much to learn though. But anyways...
Yeah, I noticed my blog takes quite a while to load. I think it's the Spiked Humor vid that's the prob.
I dunno. I haven't received any complaints yet, so I'm not gonna do anything about it (yet). So there.
I think I'm getting a little too dependant on Shaun's blog. I can even memorise his URL by heart now. Ugh.
Wait a minute...
What am I gonna do now?
I'm gonna be independant. Yeah, that's right.
(P.S. From now on, names with be converted into acronyms to protect people's identities. I shall do this only as and when I want to, it does not depend on who the person is.)

Okay, today's happenings...
Workout day for the Upper Sec again. Did some stretching exercises, plus a really fun Jumping-Jacks thing. You should've seen me dance, man.
Went to class for Chemistry, realised I had completely forgotten about yesterday's instructions for today's lesson. I was supposed the grab any item at home that has chemical names in its ingredients, bring it to school, and use it for a presentation. Solution? Got to the canteen (cafeteria) to buy some packeted food. Easy.
Ended up teaming with some class misfitz like me. Can't really agree on stuff we wanted to do for the presentation though, especially LDL. Crammed together a piece of sloppy work at the last moment, for me to present to the class later on.
Physics next. Didn't have my Phy workbook, got reprimanded by Ms. Neo. Copied answers on a piece of foolscap, the least I could do.
Recess time, Ah Hao sent me off to get him another plate of Fan Choy. Bought a brand new Phy workbook on the way. Wewt.
After recess was A. Maths, did some Maths work there, forgot what it was all about.
English next. Jae was there to brief us about some English test set by the MOE (Ministry of Education) that was going to happen later on. Then we proceeded with an EMI thing (encouraging, motivational, inspiring, a turn-by-turn session in which a student would come up and give a motivaional talk to the class for a few minutes, more details later) till the end of the lesson.
After that, the class moved on to the hall to listen (and fall asleep listening) to a recycling talk given by one of 3E3's very own KSW. It was boring, nearly the whole hall wasn't paying attention (even I had a desperate need to get up on stage and strangle the guy). Also, me and LXL received our Green Ambassador collar pins. Nothing grand in particular, in fact it was quite puny.
Went back to class for the test, it was kinda easy, coming from the MOE. Finished it with a lot of time to spare, and left earlier than expected.
That's it, another normal school day gone in a flash. I don't think I did very well explaining it, though.
Tsukaremashita. Dewa Mata.

Tuesday, February 7

As it turns out, I haven't changed the welcome video in a long time.
Don't worry. I've just been damn lazy, that's all.
Turns out the Tag-board isn't working too. Maybe it's time for a Shout-box or something. Man, you can't even make comments too, all thanks to this template. I should try Haloscan too.
Today was a rather tiring day. With help from Shaun's blog again, allow me to tell you how it went exactly.
Woke up at 7:00 AM today. Crap shit indeed. Took me about five minutes to get changed and packed, quite an outsatnding feat, I must say, never thought anything like that could be accomplished. My bro wasn't really happy though...
Today's assembly included the 'News in Class' thing again. Forgot what the topics were about though, and Shaun never mentioned it...
Social Studies for an hour was up first. Ross was explaining to us how to tackle an SBQ question. I wasn't really paying attention, because that five-minute dash which occured right after I woke up had left me feeling rather lethargic. I slept throughout nearly the whole lesson, just enough to refuel and not get caught at the same time.
Physica for another hour, next. Ugh, why must all the boring subjects taught by not-so-good teachers be put together? I succumbed to my deep sleep again, while Ms. Neo droned on and on about Thermometric stuff and things like that.
Halfway through the lesson, though, Yan Hao had apparently done something displeasing out of his absolute boredom, and that cost him his seating priveleges (he got sent out of the class, another one of local schools' childish punishments). I think he had uttered a swear word or something like that (you tell me, a word that sounds so alike with 'basket', is that a swear word?), and Ms. Neo got mad.
Whatever. I don't care.
P.E. time. Mr. Koh had organised a rally-robin sort of competition for the class, something like one side of the court versus the otehr, the winning side moves on to the court to their right to join the previous losers. Our team consisted of me, Chinaman Xue Lian and the 100% Badminton noobie, Fad. Everything went really well at first, Fad was left out of the game while two of us took on some three-person teams, we moved on for about three times, I think, and that was when Koh noticed Fad wasn't participating, and asked him to join in the game.
That was when we started losing. Everyone knew how noobish Fad could be, so they always aimed the shuttlecock at his direction. None of those shots he was able to return. How sad. I never took it too hard, though, just offered to train him in the game if he had any time over the week. He said he'd think about it, but I already know it's a no answer. I can tell.
Recess time, finally tracked down Mdm. Wong (former form teacher) for my Yearbook. it looked really good.
After recess, Mr. Sim called all the Part C (that's me!) NCC boys to gather at the courtyard. He was supposed to choose 6 of us to take on the Mount Ophir expedition during the March holidays. It would clash with the Sec 1 NCC camp though, he added. I didn't care for the Sec 1 camp. I volunteered. Each of us 6 received this application formIt looked really really formal and even required us to take a medical test and get a doctor's signature. Must be really serious stuff.
Mothertongue for one period was next, by the time I got back there were only fiftenn minutes into the lesson left. For some reason, Pris didn't turn up for class again like yesterday. To think I had planned on wishing her a belated birthday during that lesson. I totally forgot about it until Friendster sent me a notice. Whoohoo! Another 15 year old has grown! For today's lesson we were learning some words from a textbook passage. LXL (Liu Xue Lian, what I'm gonna call him on my blog from now on) was a really great help, I can't thank him enough for that.
English was next, Jae took us to the AVA room for a lesson about effective writing. It was all about how one can shorten long sentences and phrases by using simple words, and about Active and Passive vioces, and when to use them. Really interesting, I could pick up a lot from there.
Went back to class afterwards for Maths with Mrs. Tan/Mdm. Lim. Told her I lost my Edusave form, she merely gave me another one. She went through the homework assignment with us, I finally knew how to solve those irritating questions. Yayness!
Chem was the last lesson for the day. The class went to check out or Copper Sulphate crystals. Mine didn't do so well, unlike some others whose crystal shapes were really amazing.
School ended, and it was time for anotehr NCC meeting. The Part As were there, they handed up their particulars form (except for a few lazy people) and I collected it for the Nominal roll I was supposed to complete by Friday. After that the Pact Cs gathered again to get split up into their sections. I was the leader of Section 1, handling admin stuff.
I left school later and headed for the Manga shop and bookshop nearby. I finally got the motivation to go on and grab my Love Hina and black ring file. From there, I went on to Temasek Polytechnic, where some inter-school volleyball games were being held, just to see how the Dunman Sec boys were doing, since I used to be part of them. The walk there was painstaking, but I made it.
Met with the Junyuan Girls team at the courts, they were on their way back. I asked some of them how the game went. For some strange reason, they called S. Mei to deal with me. I asked her how the game went. She told me to go find out for myself.
Coyly? I don't think so.
I found the Dunman boys at last, chatted with them for a while, agreed to meet them tomorrow again. Went back feeling damn tired, took a nice long nap right after finishing with my Manga.
That's it for today, just gonna visit some 'Learn Japanese' site to brush up on my Japanese-speaking skills, before I hit the hay. Dewa mata.

Monday, February 6

You know, quite recently, I find that I've been growing incredibly lazy.
That's right. I'm too lazy to do homeworks, too lazy to buy stuff from the bookshop (why bother walking so far just for a black ring file and Love Hina Vol. 6?), too lazy to find a part-time job, remember stuff, especially stuff that happens in school, which is important for this bloggy here, and stuff that needs to be signed by my mum or dad.
I find I've even too lazy to blog.
That's right. You might have noticed that too, seeing how suddenly my posts become infrequent, no longer day-by-day.
I procrastinate too, a lot. Too much. This habit, one that I have cultivated since Primary 3, continues to haunt me to this day. Why, oh why? Why must I be such a boar/bore?
Oh yeah, thanks a lot to Shaun, again. I can't be bothered to remember what had happened in school today, so I had to refer to your blog again. LOL.
Okay, today's happenings...
Parade square was wet this morning, because of last night's rain (rain makes me really sleepy, slept like a log last night. Took me 15 push-ups, a long lazy-cat stretch and a hot shower to wake myself completely). Didn't have to waste time at the parade square after the Anthem and pledge-taking, we went straight to class while the lower Sec were having their non-strenous morning exercise.
First up, as usual, was Physics for an hour. Ms. Neo took her time to come here, and when she did, I was finally well-prepared. What I mean is, I finally got a Physics textbook, bought with my own Hong Bao money. I had completed Thursday's Phy homework as well, and I laid that on my desk too. We discussed about some formula thing (according to Shaun). He had also stated that Ms. Neo was angry at us for some reason, that I had no idea about, which I guessed was okay since he added that this really didn't affect the class in any way.
A. Maths next, with 'Mrs. Tan' (why the apostrophes? Find out later). It was all about identities, a new sub-topic in simultaneous Aglebraic equations. Half of the class were really stumped by all the complexities of the methods and stuff, but I thought I could handle all of it quite fine. Maths makes my head concentrate and really get into the mood, and that's why I like it so much, though the after-effects include dizzyness, slight fatigue, but also satisfaction (sometimes!). Also, I forgot, for the I-don't-know-how-many-already time, to bring my Edusave form regarding a certain Maths activity that was going to happen in a month's time or so. Teach reprimanded me for not bringing it. Aw man. I was dead-beat by the end of those two periods.
Up next was Geography. Ranson was acting all sleepy in Mrs. Ramos' class, and boy, you should've seen the look on her face when she found him drooling on his desk, in his beauty sleep. That was the first time I've ever seen her so miffed. Ranson was kinda antsy too when I talked to him later. Anyway, we were doing mapwork again, this time with protractors. New skill learned today: Compass direction. No biggy, actually.
English. I was anticipating the return of my journal, which had so nicely been covered up by two pieces of paper on each cover that consisted of a certain Manga/Anime computer wallpaper. I must say it fitted quite well with that small-sized diary. At least it would cover up the girly pink-and-flowers pictures that were originally on it. Wait a minute, that wallpaper was themed around Gunslinger Girl. It had a picture of Henrietta on it. Oh my Gawd. Whatever would Mr. Jae think about it...
Back to the story. We waited for about 20 minutes, before some teacher with obviously graying hair, looking at around 50 or 60, and wearing a Mango brand top with jeans (Oh my goodness. If only I had a picture of it. It was so hideous, such a torture to even look at that teacher) stormed in, greeted us, and immediately assigned us with English classwork from the Workbook. Ugh. I didn't bring my workbook today, so I just spent the remaining time helping out N.D, Farah and Grace. Those girls kept talking about how I portrayed Justin Timberlake, and N.D was Britney Spears, Farah was Janet Jackson, Izwan was Kevin Federline, and Grace was Cameron Diaz. I think they meant to tease me (all that happened was the teacher made us three stand for the rest of the period), but it actually made me think just how bizarre Hollywood relationships can be. Oh, the complexities.
Recess: Hor Fun from my fave Rice stall. Pretty good, I must say.
Chinese was after class. Xue Lian, the renowned 3E3 Chinaman, sat beside me for the lesson. At my behest, cos I really needed the help with my Chinese. I practically sucked at it. We were supposed to hand up a certain 'newspaper article review' today, but truth is, I completely forgot about it (oh, my lazy lazy existence) and hadn't got it done. Teach, being the kind lady she was (arigatou gozaimasu!), lent me Peggy's paper to copy out the topic. Copied it, got some good ideas from that essay as well.
E. Maths for one and a half hours, with 'Mdm. Lim' (now you know. The same teacher has two names!). We attempted some Maths stuff that included squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, Algebra and equations. It was all about making an unknown the subject, and rearranging the numbers around so as to find out what that particular unknown means in terms of squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, and other unknowns. (Shaun, at this point, your blog's really getting not very useful. I even had to go refer to my textbook to recall what stuff we did today! I'm not blaming you, but try to remember more things next time!)
Social Studies/History with Mrs. Ross, everybody's least fave teach, was the last period (hurdle to the finish, more like). Did a source-based question about this political cartoon that featured David Marshall (in a traditional Chinese costume) whistling at/courting the Tunku Abdul Rahman (in a traditional Cheongsam. OMG, the picture was so funny). We had to infer, provide evidence, and come up with a conclusion, all which I have mastered in last year's History classes, thanks to Mdm. Fauziah's help. Easy sitch, yup-yup.
After school, I had to go about doing NCC stuff. Being the S1 (meaning I'm in charge of administrative stuffs), I have to do up a nominal roll for a Lieutenant, and meet with the Part As and Fawwaz to collect their particulars form and T-shirt money. I had to pass the forms to the Part D S1 later on, and in return he handed me the particluars form of some (not all of) Part Cs and Bs. Ugh, I even forgot when the deadline to hand it up is. Being the admin is damn tough, I tell ya. In the end, I forgot all about lunch, and rushing back home to grab my Bio stuff for later's lesson.
Bio, with Mrs. K: Did a practical about diffusion in chillies, later on plasmolysis in onion skin cells. I did quite a messy jod cutting the chillies up, ended with my fingers get wet all over with the chilli juices. I washed my hands casually, and wiped my face with some water just to freshen up, too.
It had been a long day. There I was, tearing off a piece of onion skin and lowering it onto a glass slide, when my face started to feel hot. No, the fans were on full-blast.
It was the chilli juices.
Apparently, the stuff all around my fingers were not washed off properly, and it had gotten onto my face. Man, was it flaring up! The pain! My eyes were watering! It was even worse than eating chilli, I felt it all over my freakin' face! Argh!
I endured (the best and only thing I could do at that moment) the burning sensation for a while, before it dissipated at last, much to my relief. Continued on with the lesson, did not bring my Bio file, had to 'fees up to Mrs. K about it, and got a new content page and Monday's assignment from her. I needed Monday's assignment, cos I had a dental appointment then and had to miss class.
Wait a second. This paper I got isn't Monday's assignment! It was Thursday's!
Oh crap. What now? I can't find my Edusave form anywhere, Bonus Stage has ended abruptly, I still have my nominal roll to finish, Shaun and Stacie are an item(?), and it's already bed-time while I type.
Oh well. Let my lazy self get the better of me right now. The guilty side of me is gonna have a hard day tomorrow. Better work my quick-thinking side of me soon, and make up some excuses.
Good night.

Thursday, February 2

Whew, I haven't been here in a freaking long time. I've been to places lately, like my Online RPG game or my forums, so I hadn't really bothered posting here until now.
Tons of stuff happened during the few days of Chinese New Year. Lemme recap...

Okay, we received visitors during the first day of CNY. We had been decorating for the occasion the days before, and man, did our house look great. We even brought in extra chairs and a Mahjong table from dad's office!
All our relatives came in the early afternoon. And yes, I received my Hong Baos from them. it wasn't much, really, just over 60 bucks. The rest of my collections, from my parents, were already in my bank account. $100.
I stayed around downstairs for a while for lunch, and the mingle with the visitors for a moment, before going back upstairs to my comp for a short session of Maple Story. You see, the game features an NPC, none other than Cai Shen, and he's offering a lot of Mesos (Maple Story currency) to anyone who finds his missing red packets. I got about 11,000 Mesos during the hunt. He could actually put up as much as 10,000,000 Mesos for finding his Hong Baos, I learnt from some very lucky fellow Maplers later on.
Anyway, the next day, me, my sibs and my uncle went the Wild Wild Wet at East Coast. We last went there January 2nd, and this time was just as fun. The place was great, though I got a bit queasy at the wave pool, got sunburnt at the lazy river (I was lying face-up on a float, you see), and got cold all over while waiting for my turn at the large slide (it was way up high, you see, and I had just emerged from the water). Still, I enjoyed it a lot.
After that... Well, life returned to mornal. That's it.

More school updates coming up soon. Heh.