Monday, December 10

One Factor That Might Influence Me into Watching CLANNAD.

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Douzo girl (Fuko). Oh so Moe.

I feel like starting on Gurren Lagann too (yes, I know I'm late). Can't find episode 2 on Youtube (or anywhere else for that matter, aside from torrent sites, which I'm choosing to stay away from) though. My progress on Ninomiya-kun! so far is at episode 7. Yup, it's not much, but I'm definitely picking up momentum again.

A few more updates on my situation:
-Access to the Lenovo laptop has been reduced to just my mum and me. In other words, when my mum's not using it (which is most of the time) I have complete possession. Not like last time, when my sis used to dominate it.
-I've just started on Grenado Espada. femminile family (small f), Caravaggio (Italian for feminine, the closest word I could get that sounds like 'family').
-I'm reviving my rusty PangYa and Trickster accounts. Now I have to work out a timetable so I can devote equally divided attention to all my games.
-I have to divide an equal portion of attention for gym too. the one near my house has just opened.
-Some of this 'time' actually falls under the wee hours of the morning. No, I'm not afraid. :P
-Not much progress on stories.
Kay, that's it. that=nks for the page hits, everyone who's viewed my blog! thank you, Danny Choo, for creating! Drawing page views has never been easier!

4 opinions:

Anonymous said...

just so you know has direct downloads for gurren lagann

AK said...

Anonymous delivers! Thank you!

Stifler said...

Wait till you get to Kotomi's arc. That girl is moe beyond all human comparison.

AK said...

I'll be looking forward to it, Stifler. Thanks.