Monday, November 24

Brief period of rest...

Before I resume with Day 2 of AFA 2008 (might I just inform you that, given the kind of workload I put on myself to complete such a comprehensive blog post as that, Blogger really sucks as a co-worker? It is all a matter of Typing text, uploading only five pics at a time, sometimes having to type out the entire filename into the test box to get it to 'open', sometimes having to refresh the file browsing window cos it just won't load, then waiting for the CSS to appear at the top of the text body after uploading, hitting cutting and pasting to the appropriate places, rinsing and repeating), I'd just like to direct you to this post right here which really made me LOL and forget my worries for a little while.

Go on, read it. It's guaranteed fun. Here's an appetizer:

Where will fansubbers take you today?

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