Monday, June 16

Joining the Crowd

Seeing that a lot of people at have posted their wallies, I think I'd follow suit. Oh, the nostalgia. Found it at 4chan, here's the original if you want it.

Additionally, you might've noticed my newest 'mascot' by now, Foxkeh the Firefox (get the Foxkeh theme from Firefox add-ons if you haven't yet; it's cute, can attract the ladies, and is also highly user-friendly) promoting Firefox Download Day 2008.

I myself only got wind of this early this afternoon. You have around 24 hours to join approximately 1 million people across the globe to pledge your support for Mozilla and download Mozilla Firefox 3 (I've been beta-testing it for quite some time now, I can very confidently say it's a lot better) and set a world record for the most downloaded content off the internet! Just click on Foxkeh (and help my cause along the way) to find out more information. Thanks!

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