Wednesday, November 28

(Pictures galore!)
Because my site is still awaiting help (WTF still?!), all my Otaku rants will have to be sharing space with my personal life posts here in this blog. This is bad, because my IRL life is not that Otaku after all. The fact that my blog is listed under 'Otaku' ay (yes, my blog showing up in and is probably the biggest thing on my mind right now), I kinda feel awkward. Whatever it is, just to spice up my boring-looking blog a little bit, every posts from here on shall contain an anime pic from my ever-expanding anime pix folder. (Currently at 1 GB+. I'm so proud ay my collection!)

Here's one I found at 4chan, which reminded me just much of Houjou Reika from Ninomiya-kun!:

I put this pix up at once and the members there tell me they get nosebleeds out of it. I don't understand the concept of nose-bleeding at ecchi pix. It apprently does not work on me. Anybody care to explain?

If I'm in the mood I'll share more pix. I'm in the mood right now. ^_^


My fave Sayuri-rin quote, of course. DO WANT MOAR?


I can die happy after seeing this.

All that Kanon goodness...

Top it all off with an ED-style motivational poster. My favourite, of course. Very accurate, of course. (It's from ED, duh!)

Thank Blogger for the 1GB upload capacity. I'd dump my whole pix folder here to garner as much attention as possible, if I had the time.

Speaking of garnering attention, I do aspire to, one day, using my m4dsk!11z blogging skillz, become well-known around TEH INTARWEBS, or at least among my community. That's why I try to do something new every yime, though it hardly actually seems that way. Of course, what I'd hope to do as a first step would be to join the ranks of Tsubaki, TJ Han, Lian YL and Darkmirage. You've been given a tip-off, now watch this space.

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