Tuesday, September 18


In all my 73 posts on this blog so far, I have a grand total of 11 comments. Among 4 different posts. The fact that my blog isn't getting as much popularity as I want it to is concerning.

Most recently I've done a revamp of this blog, casting off non-user-friendly elements from the usual blogskins.com templates and reverting to the good old Blogger, which is easy for both navigating and template-editing. I've done the best I could to include as many special features as possible. Most importantly, I've been getting my site linked on fellow bloggers' sites like dannychoo.com and darkmirage.com. If you're having trouble getting traffic to your site you might want to try this strategy as well.

Very soon I'll be shifting sites to be hosted under animeblogger.net, as I'm planning to get my blog anime-themed as well. The animeblogger.net URL and the templates they provide are just the thing.

Whatever it is, this blog will be mostly left alone over the past two or so months (doesn't matter, since nobody's reading) while I continue my studies and find more time for other online commitments like watching anime.

4 opinions:

Alejandro Gonzalez said...

haha. I found your blog while doing a blog search on my own blog's obscurity.


AK said...

I sorta hoped something like this would happen... :P Haha.

Jamaipanese said...

you need to allow more free done with comments, only users with blogger accounts can comment right now, thats too restricting.

nice blog though, too bad you'll kill it soon ^_^

jamaipanese.com is mine

AK said...

I've changed the settings already, thanks for the tip.

And yeah, I'll be sure that doesn't happen. The killing part, that is.