Wednesday, August 29

Just to Let You Know that I'm Still Alive...

Thanks to Judge Lau, the new hero of anime fans all over Singapore, I can rest assured that I won't need to worry about anything if Odex happens to nab me while I'm downloading all the Lucky Star episodes I've been missing out on.

I believe myself to be one of the latest of Singaporean Haruhi fans to have seen the awfully long and boring Haruhi season 2 video, played entirely from CCTV footage and featuring scenes from Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody. Again, my studies are to blame. Bleh. I just wish I could get the O's over and done with. Darkmirage, Tsubaki, Insanelampshade and the rest must be so lucky.

Things between me and my dad aren't going too well either. In fact right now the only time I ever am allowed a chance to use the computer is when he's out on his evening jog and nobody else is on the computer to tell me to buzz off and mug for my exams. I hate that they're using the O levels against me...

Given these circumstances, I'd like to see how my blog posts can get longer and more interesting. I only have the heart to do summarized rants now.

I look forward to my migration...

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