Tuesday, March 20


Lots of things to blog about, but right now I don't have much time. So I'll summarize.

Today was my last Physics tuition at the CDAC Student Centre near the mall. Got rushed by my parents to go early. As such, I had time to bring my Sangokushi Taisen cards out to play another session at the mall arcade. Sangokushi Taise is fn. If you don't know what it is, I'll show it to you. Soon.

Cycled there as usual. Cycling in cool nights are really refreshing. It feels absolutely awesome, the wind brushing past your face, and you get a good workout out of it too. I didn't need to sweat it out, though.

Haruhi Suzumiya of KawaiiHeavens has gone off to deployment. I'm gonna miss him so much. He brought so much life to the forums, and to me. ^_^ I'm wishing him all the best.

Got a new tune for my old blogskin. Hope it works, I haven't tried it yet. :P

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