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Tuesday, May 30

Blast, so many things happened to me over the pasy few days, but I was never free to blog about it. I just feel like kicking myself right now...

Anyway, today, I (and me only) watched a screening of Mission Impossible III. I used the complimentary tickets for it, so it was completely free. The movie was awesome, there were a lot of thrilling moments in it, and it was just chock-full of edge-of-your-seat action, and featured and sorts of espionage (yes, I think the word 'spy' is too overrated) gadgets and gizmos I never thought was possible to invent, but proved to be very useful for all sorts of situations. I swear, if I had enough money for it, I'd buy a mask Customizer and impersonate my friends.
Also, I found some good news today. Okay, over the past few days I was dealing with this NCC problem. I was trying to get my name for this course (which I absolutely had to attend, I'd been wanting to attend it for ages) which was supposed to happen tomorrow, but I was unsuccessful in doing it. Well, I felt very discouraged after that, and blamed my teacher-in-charge for being so adamant about not letting me in due to unforseen implications (and because it was too much of a hassle for him, that lazy bugger). The good news I found today was that dad had found out about the problem, and had helped me out by calling up the teacher and speaking to him, and arraging for me to go for the course at a later date. Yeah, I was elated.

Okay, that's all for today. I'll try to update again as soon as I can.


Sunday, May 21


Looks like I didn't make it to the Ceremony. It was in the morning, and I spelt through it. The school's Cross Country was also held today, at the nearby reservoir. I wasn't there to spectate, either.
I spent most of the afternoon napping, not before catching the season finale of the Amazing Race on AXN. I'm really glad the Hippies BJ & Tyler won, I'd been rooting for them right from the start. I was really surprised Tyler was qutie adept at communicating with the Japanese people in their language; makes me even more determined to pick Japanese up myself, heheh.

OMG something's happened to my blog! One click of a button (at the right side), and they all disappear! Maybe it's because I copied this template out for my bro to use and customize on his own blog. I'm not sure, but you can check it out at http://crapiest.blogspot.com/. But, even he has his own troubles with his tagboard.

I'm gonna have to find a way to fix this. But I gotta wait till tomorrow to do that.


Wednesday, May 17

Hurray! My blisters are subsiding! Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the YFC Disbursement ceremony come 20th May. That's right, our group had been selected to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event all about entrepreneurship and such!
Also, I'd asked my teacher to get my a copy of the exams papers so I could try them for myself at home, and see how I fare. He reminded me that these papers would not affect my mid-year results at all, and that I could only retrieve them after the exams, when I'm feeling good enough to report to school.
Heheh, that's all the updates from now. Can't believe the Da Vinci Code is NC16, I was so intent on watching it!


Saturday, May 13

PangYa SEA

I just installed a new game in my comp today. It's a gold-themed game called PangYa, with very cute Anime graphics. I was hooked immediately, and it made me forget all about my Chickenpox woes (speaking of which, it's healing very well). Download it @ http://www.pangyasea.com/, and we can play together, yeah?

Monday, May 8


Missed school today, thanks to the pox. Also missed Social Studies and Physics exams. Also missed my classmates.

Saturday, May 6

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My worst fears have been confirmed. Only 2 days left till the exam week, and I'm down with Chickenpox. Only 7 days left till the class outing, and I'm down wiith Chickenpox.
Life isn't fair, man. All that revision, all that gruelling work...
People have said I looked like Urashima Keitaro. Now they're gonna say I live like him, too. Ultimate bad luck.