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Monday, November 24

Brief period of rest...

Before I resume with Day 2 of AFA 2008 (might I just inform you that, given the kind of workload I put on myself to complete such a comprehensive blog post as that, Blogger really sucks as a co-worker? It is all a matter of Typing text, uploading only five pics at a time, sometimes having to type out the entire filename into the test box to get it to 'open', sometimes having to refresh the file browsing window cos it just won't load, then waiting for the CSS to appear at the top of the text body after uploading, hitting cutting and pasting to the appropriate places, rinsing and repeating), I'd just like to direct you to this post right here which really made me LOL and forget my worries for a little while.

Go on, read it. It's guaranteed fun. Here's an appetizer:

Where will fansubbers take you today?

Anime Festival Asia 2008 (Full Review)

Yes, I know I'm friggin' late. But still, it's better than nothing. Post will go in order of of the pictures I have taken. It is the only chronological order I have.


So you might've noticed that plenty of bloggers out there had actually attending the Media Conference on Friday. Sadly, I was never informed of it so I have nothing. It was to my utter dismay that I had not registered at the Press Section as a blogger to be granted the media pass. But oh well. I learnt from this experience. The hard way.

Day 1.

As planned, I arrived at the venue at exactly 8.30am. This was how the queue looked like then. The first few guys already waiting a the ticketing booth had arrived at 7. Hardcore.

Gordon dropped by later on. By then the queue behind me had snaked two times down the corridor. It was lucky I was already waiting there. Panther and the rest of Team Blue were one of the earlier ones so they had been long since waiting outside the hall gates. A good thing for us, since right after we received our pre-reg tix, it was a big queue jump right to the front of the line awaiting entrance into the event. Saw tueac and xkaonslaught (I think) outside, who got the both of us to do a video segment.

At ten sharp, it was the big rush in. Gundam Exia happily greeted the visitors. Many people rushed to the Takashimaya booth to grab the exclusive greyscale 75-something Gundam and Exia trans-am model kits. I first checked out the Bandai gunpla displays. I would later on return to that exhibit many times over as I undertook my photojournalism roving.

Pretty empty at the beginning.

walked around a while to get myself familiar with the place. The stage was set at the far corner of the exhibition hall; they were holding the opening ceremony that time. To my surprise, the audience was treated with a preview of what's to come later on in the evening:

Mazinger, MazinGER, Mazinger... Z!

Within half an hour, KKnM had assembled a queue of customers stretching all the way to almost the entrance. Spotted two schoolmates in the queue, and they agreed to let me join them in the queue later on as they got closer, in exchange for my give-me-a-discount-since-we-know-each-other skills. actually, it was more of a "if I want to buy this Sekirei shirt and promise that I shall wear it now, will you give me the 10% discount on it?" Yeah, buruburu13 is a really nice person after all.

Maplestory anime lol.

The Toys N Toys booth. I'm sure you all agree with me when I say DO WANT.

Such a sweet, supple body Ryouko has.

This I could use for my room...

Not a lot of people know this, but there were actually serving food at the back of the staging area. Why don't you know about it? I was practically the first guy there, together with Actar (you know me, free food is my weakness and always my primary target of any event. I can smell it from a mile away), and then I attracted the attention of some Team Blue guys, whose sheer size practically attracted about 10% of the present crowd then. Everything was lapped up in a matter of minutes.

Fariz managed to snag himself a Figma Miku & Rin twosome set. They sold out pretty fast. Lucky guy.

Oh, but who is this charming young lady here? Apparently she belongs to some guy...

Mmm... Reiko. As it turns out, I never got a chance to meet her personally and take another picture with her like the summer Matsuri at Central Mall. Sad.

Power Rangers lol.

Missed this guy at Cosfest. Very nice.

Peach ice dessert and Kagamin for lunch.

Booth lady at Toys N Toys. Her face is too long IMO.

Reiko with closed eyes. Mmm... Also, Okawara Kunio-san.

Chibi Medusa is cute.

Her too.

Faust from Guilty Gear.

Some dude attempting to finish building and painting an X105 model within two days.

Gaiafags have established themselves here.

MOAR cosplay.

BAKUC-teh winrars.

BAKUC-teh man.

Koji Morimoto.

Some moar cosplay.

Got the Light guy to hold my wallet. Some girlies were present when I was photographing, and when they saw my wallet it was a chorused "so cuuuute!".

Priceless expression GET.

Yasufumi Soejima autographing session.

Decided to head outside a bit to check out the cosplaying there. Met up with DM and double around this time. Man, even at this time it was still pretty crowded with visitors and ticket booth patrons.

Collateral damage Studios.

Tragic Comedy himself.

Yes, signed by May'N.

Odex has gotten pretty good of late... Tch.

Plenty of manga to be had here at Chuang Yi.

Imaginary Friends Studio.

Artgerm signing DM and double's Pepper Project artbooks. He pulls that wide-eyed expression very frequently, that guy. Maybe it's natural to him. To me it's pretty funny.

Back at the Toys N Toys displays.


Ending off the day with Aniki. Very soulful performance by a very talented and likeable superstar. He even agreed to do two encores on behest of the audience. Sadly I was suffering from a severe case of sleeping legs and dizzy head by that time, and had to take a premature leave.

Allow me a deep breath before I resume on Day Two.