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Wednesday, August 30

Temporary Chem teacher, Mr. Cha

Class assignment. Write up a summary about one of your teachers. Let's get into the Teacher's Day festive season.

I chose to write up about Mr. Cha, our temporary Chemistry teacher who had left us one day ago (from this blogging date) for further teacher training. Best of luck in all your endeavours, Mr. Cha.

At first glance, one would be unable to tell he has a job in the teaching career. Dressed in smart casual most of the time (a sleeves-rolled-up polo shirt and pants) and sporting a perpetual 5 o' clock shadow, he comes across as chubby, and round as a beach ball.

Teaching-wise, as I sit at my desk at the back row of the class, I can tell he tries very hard, despite his nervousness. He would brighten up each Chemistry session with a refreshing video or activity before beginning with the actual lesson, which would involve him rattling on about redox reactions and related stuff, frequently filling speech gaps with 'okay's and 'alright's. Nevertheless, he puts in effort, and is always eager as a Easter rabbit everytime he comes to class, and that I appreciate.

Mr. Cha was formerly involved in a Japan-made cleaning agent product (that's a plus point for me, since I love all things Japanese) called Arc-Flash. I did a bit of research about Arc-Flash over the Internet, and when what I found wasn't enough for me to understand, I caught up with him one recess time to ask him about it. He gamely sat me down at a bench and described in great detail all about this UV ray-reactive cleaning agent and how it works to kill bacteria, via molecular means, but not without remembering to thank me for looking up on the product beforehand. Aha, so he recognises my effort. Another point to him.

If somebody told me that teachers and students can never get along, I'd disagree with him hook, line and sinker. Mr. Cha is among the friendliest teachers I have known, who would actively engage in friendly conversations with his students. I get along with him very well, thank you very much.

yep, that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.

*This post was created on the 29th of August 2006, and finished on the 22nd of September 2006. Damn that's long.*

Sunday, August 27

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

Hello again. it's 2:31 in the morning. I've been up all night, browsing Youtube for stuff. Not just any stuff. Haruhi-ism-related stuff. I just finished episode 14 (episode 6), then moved on to check out some Otaku vids of them trying out the ED dance video, piano/guitar versions of the ED/OP, DDR videos of those songs.

Original ED.

Piano version.

Dance immitation, very nicely done, but they wear horrible masks.

AMV, extended version of the ED.

Guitar version.

Opening theme video featuring Aya Hirano, Suzumiya Haruhi's seiyu.

OP for DDR.

ED for DDR.

Stepmania video for Koi no Mikuru Densetsu (opening theme song for episode 1 (episode 11)).

Next topic.


Next topic.

The wonderful thing about Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuuutsu (the anime) is the way it is all jumbled up. Edisode 1 is actually episode 11, episode 9 is the last episode, and episode 14 is episode 6. I've been through the whole series once, in jumbled-up order (you know, it still tells a very good story, even though events happen here and there all the time. It's as though we're time-travelling or something), and I'm about to do it again, this time in chronological order, keeping this in mind: Trivia, so I can make sure I don't miss anything special.

One last thing: Visit the SOS Club website! Official site. Also, a secret area in the SOS Club website just for you: Official site secret.

Oyasumi. It's time for bed.

Thursday, August 24

Live Firing!

Today was the day. Me and my NCC mates were going for live firing, at last. Real M-16s, real rounds, real targets, everything real.
We got to leave class at 11.45 AM to change and have lunch, before setting off to NCC HQ.
We got off the bus and met up with some other NCC boys from Macpherson Secc, and I could remember some faces from my Mt. Ophir camp.
We had a safety briefing by our lieutenants, told what to do and what not to do in the firing range. The Macpherson boys were the first to grab their helmets and earplugs and head off for the rangel; the Junyuan boys and I had to wait at least half an hour before it was our turn.
We first fired upon a couple of canadian bull targets. Each firing lane had a target board of two targets, one above the other, and we were supposed to pump 4 bullets at each target, making it a total of 8.
Firing the M-16 was uber-cool. Real recoil! Real shell ejection! Real rotating bolt action! Real bang! Real smoke! It was awesome.
I finished the first phase of the event with 4 successful hits on each target, just a few centimetres below the actual bull shape.
Next was the real firing run, we were to shoot 5 bullets at two soldier head targets, one whilst supposed by the sandbag, the other unsupported. I did well wilth the sandbag, and managed to get all 5 bullets right smack at the soldier's face. However, I made a very close miss during unsupported firing, and got only 4 in. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for the Marksmanship badge, so I went back feeling heavily disappointed.

Yep, that's it.

Wednesday, August 2

My fave Canon in D tunes

I promise to update my blog whenever I can. I'm getting busier and busier with each passing day. If I'm not doing schoolwork, I'm bustling myself with CCA, tuition, and project work. Ugh, this is madness.